Press Release: Salisbury, December 18, 2023

Alltrust, a leader in Pension administration, confirms the unwavering stability and operational independence of its pension schemes, despite recent developments surrounding Rowanmoor Trustees. In March 2023, Alltrust successfully acquired the Rowanmoor SIPP pension book, a move aimed at enriching its service offerings and enhancing client experience.

Following the declaration of default by Rowanmoor Trustees, Alltrust recognises that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) continues to address a significant number of complaints against Rowanmoor Trustees. While Alltrust is committed to providing assistance to the FSCS as needed, it is important to highlight that these developments do not impact Alltrust’s Trustee company, operations, financial health, or the management of its pension schemes.

Alltrust SIPP & SSAS

The Board  of Alltrust, states, “We understand the concerns that may arise from the recent news involving Rowanmoor Trustees. However, we want to reassure our clients and partners that Alltrust’s acquisition of the Rowanmoor SIPP pension book has only strengthened our ability to deliver top-tier pension services. Our operations remain entirely unaffected by Rowanmoor’s situation, and we continue to stand as a pillar of stability and reliability in the financial services sector.”

Alltrust assures all clients and stakeholders that the acquisition of the Rowanmoor SIPP pension book has further strengthened its position in the market, enabling the delivery of more diversified and robust pension management services. Our team remains dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of service and financial security for all our scheme members.

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