Consumer Duty

Alltrust and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Consumer Duty: Comprehensive Commitment to Fairness and Value

Alltrust's Approach To The Consumer Duty

At Alltrust, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service and fairness for our customers. The introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations underscores the importance of ensuring that financial services deliver good outcomes for consumers. Alltrust takes these regulations seriously, and we are actively implementing robust systems and processes to comply with the key requirements outlined by the FCA. This page provides an overview of our comprehensive approach to the Consumer Duty, including Price & Value Assessment, Target Market Assessment, Consumer Understanding, Product Governance, Customer Support & Service, Monitoring & Reporting, and Cultural Commitment.

Price & Value Assessment

The Price & Value Assessment is an important component of the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations. At Alltrust, we are committed to ensuring that our pension products provide fair value to all customers. Our approach includes:

  • Comprehensive Pricing Reviews: Regularly evaluating the pricing structure of our pension products to ensure they are competitive and reflect fair value.
  • Transparent Communication: Clearly communicating the costs & fees associated with our pension products, so members understand what they are paying for and can make informed decisions.
  • Value for Money: Continuously assessing the benefits and features of our pension plans to ensure they provide significant value relative to their cost.
  • Customer Feedback Integration: Utilising customer feedback to identify areas where we can improve the fair value of our products and services.


Target Market Assessment

The Target Market Assessment ensures that our products are designed to meet the needs of specific customer segments. At Alltrust, we take a meticulous approach to defining and serving our target markets, which includes:

  • Detailed Customer Segmentation: Analysing various customer segments to understand their unique needs, preferences, and financial goals.
  • Product Suitability: Ensuring that our pension products are suitable for the identified target markets. This involves designing features and benefits that align with the needs of each segment.
  • Regular Monitoring: Monitoring the performance of our products within different customer segments to ensure they continue to meet the intended needs and deliver good outcomes.
  • Adapting to Changes: Being proactive in adapting our products and marketing strategies in response to changes in the target market or regulatory environment.

Consumer Understanding

Ensuring that customers can understand the information provided to them is crucial. This involves:

  • Clear Communication: Using plain language and avoiding jargon in all member communications.
  • Educational Resources: Providing accessible resources, such as guides, to help members understand their pension options and make informed decisions.

Product Governance

Effective product governance ensures that products are designed, marketed, and sold in a manner that delivers good outcomes for consumers. This includes:

  • Product Development: Ensuring that new products are developed with the target market’s needs in mind and undergo rigorous testing and review.
  • Ongoing Review: Regularly reviewing existing products to ensure they continue to meet member needs and provide value.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating risks that could potentially harm customers or compromise the value of the product.

Customer Support and Service

Providing excellent customer service is vital in supporting all customers particularly those in vulnerable circumstances and ensuring they receive the assistance they need. This includes:

  • Support Teams: Having teams trained to handle the needs of vulnerable customers with sensitivity and care.
  • Proactive Outreach: Actively reaching out to members who may need additional support or who have shown signs of vulnerability.
  • Responsive Service: Ensuring quick and effective responses to member enquiries and issues.

Monitoring and Reporting

Ongoing monitoring and transparent reporting are key to ensuring compliance and continuous improvement. This involves:

  • Performance Metrics: Establishing metrics to monitor the effectiveness of products and services in delivering good outcomes for customers.
  • Regular Audits or Reviews: Conducting regular audits or Reviews to ensure compliance with Consumer Duty requirements and identify areas for improvement.
  • Transparency: Providing transparent reports to stakeholders and regulators about how Consumer Duty principles are being implemented and upheld.

Cultural Commitment

Embedding Consumer Duty into the company culture ensures that all employees are aligned with the principles and committed to delivering the best outcomes for members. This includes:

  • Leadership Commitment: Ensuring that senior leadership champions Consumer Duty principles and leads by example.
  • Employee Engagement: Encouraging all employees to understand and embrace the importance of Consumer Duty through ongoing training and internal communications.
  • Customer-Centric Culture: Fostering a culture where the member’s needs and well-being are at the heart of all business decisions.


At Alltrust, our commitment to the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations goes beyond Price & Value Assessment and Target Market Assessment. By incorporating elements such as Consumer Understanding, Product Governance, Customer Support & Service, Monitoring & Reporting, and Cultural Commitment, we ensure a holistic approach to compliance and customer satisfaction. These efforts reflect our dedication to providing fair, transparent, and valuable pension solutions tailored to the unique needs of all our members.

For further details on how Alltrust is implementing Consumer Duty principles, please contact our team. We are dedicated to ensuring that your pension journey is secure, informed, and aligned with your best interests.

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